Miami Valley Bird Club and Rescue (MVBCR) is a 501c3 Non-profit organization that fosters birds needing a place to land before finding their permanent home. It is comprised of all volunteers who are willing and able to share their love of winged creatures with anyone interested.

We know that having a bird companion is a long term commitment. That is why we are eager to provide education to potential adopters, so they fully realize the long term commitment being considered. Our goal is happy birds AND happy people!

MVBCR provides the best for our rescued birds!
We provide foster care for birds that need a place to land before finding their permanent home.

We achieve this through rescue, education, and sharing our experiences. We rely heavily on fosters and volunteers. Donations are always accepted, so see more below.

All birds coming into rescue are vetted to make sure that they are healthy before being rehomed. Anyone wanting to adopt a bird must fill out an adoption form and have a home inspection to be considered. Adoption fees do apply. Contact us for an Adoption Application.

2 – Amazons
1 – African Greys
1 - Conure
A total of 4 birds

We also assisted Columbus, Ohio Humane in helping to find homes for 109 birds from a seizure they did in August. We worked with MEBS, a bird club out of Cincinnati, Ohio, whose members adopted most of the birds.  

We assisted or sent donations to other rescues this year. Also, we passed out bookmarks about things to consider before you get a bird to various veterinary clinics, libraries, and businesses.

Fundraising events continue to be the primary means for supporting the expenses of rescue efforts such as ours. Our fundraising events are posted on our website, our Facebook page, and sent by emails to all club members.

We also have our yearly Pie Peddler sale and donations from individuals and families. We hope to add several fund-raisers to our annual calendar.

Funds are generated from Kroger Community Rewards and Smile Amazon. See more below.

Without volunteers, donations foster, sponsors and adopters, we cannot continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome. Your time and contributions matter! They are critical to rescuing and rehoming birds, as well as educating others about responsible pet care.

Expenses incurred while rescuing rehabilitating, and re-homing include (but are not limited to) veterinary care, tests, surgeries (if needed), prescription medication, food, toys, cages, and other related costs.

It typically takes 1-6 months or longer to re-home our rescued birds. Like other rescue groups, the cost for caretaking is always higher than our adoption fee. Volunteers are as crucial to our success, however, as financial resources.


FOSTERS – Helping a rescued bird acclimate to a “home and family” environment.
FUNDRAISING – Helping to plan and manage fundraising events.
GRANT WRITING – Generate and monitor grants. We hope to move into the area of grant writing to augment our funds. This requires detailed work in collecting and tracking information. If you are experienced in this area or interested in learning Grant writing, please let us know. Free classes are available to anyone who wants to learn more about this method of fund-raising.
MARKETING SUPPORT – Help to distribute flyers, postcards, business cards, etc. Helping with our presence on social media might also be involved.
If you are interested in helping in any way, please use our Contact form or call us at (937) 440-0016.

Registering your Kroger Plus card and designating the MVBCR for Community Rewards is an easy way to help generate funds. Simply visit Kroger Community Rewards online at krogercommunityrewards.com or call 1-800-576-4377 to sign up. The MVBCR code number is CG088. Have your Kroger Plus Card handy when you register. You can sign up no matter how frequently you shop at Kroger!

Amazon Smile: Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to MVBCR whenever you shop on Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know….same products, same prices, same service. Just login in by going to smileamazon.com and choose MVBCR. (If you already have an Amazon account, just use your login info) Once you have selected MVBCR, you will see a notice at the top saying you are supporting MVBCR. Just remember to log in at SmileAmazon.com.

We also recommend Austin Air Cleaners: We are a distributor for Austin Air Cleaners. These air cleaners are great for anyone with pets. All proceeds go to the Bird Rescue. Contact us for a quote or questions.

Another easy way to help us is to share information when we send it to you via newsletter, email, Facebook, and other Social Media. We will ask for you to share when we need information publicized. This is a quick way to share information to help the birds!

Elizabeth Twp. Community Center unless stated otherwise from 2pm-4pm on a Sunday.

February 10th
April 14th
June 9th Picnic
August 11th
October 13th
December 8th Christmas Party

Finally, invite friends to meetings! Our meetings are open to any interested person. Be sure to tell them that we offer refreshments and an inexpensive raffle every single meeting! You never know who might become an active member because you invited them!

Donations are always accepted and are tax deductible. Our mailing address is MVBCR P.O. Box 242 Casstown, OH 45312.
Contact information is: (937) 440-0016,
Facebook: Facebook MVBCR Group

You may also donate any amount with a credit card via PayPal.  

We thank you!