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Our Bird Shelters and Rescue Centers need your help.  

Help for free just by shopping as you normally would.

Kroger is donating $4 million to local organizations. As one of our Supporters, you can use your Kroger Plus Card and help us grow.  USE OUR # CG088


Kroger Rewards

Supporting our organization has never been easier — just shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card! Here’s how to enroll*:

  1. Visit 

  2. Sign in to your online account, or create an account

  3. Find and select your organization, and click “Enroll”

You’ll start earning rewards for your organization right away on qualifying purchases made using your Kroger Plus Card! Learn more at Kroger Community Rewards, and thank you for your support.

Miami Valley Bird Club & Rescue MVBCR # CG088



Amazon shoppers, you can use the Amazon Smiles program and any time you make a purchase at Amazon.

Amazon Smile:   Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to MVBCR whenever you shop on Amazon Smile.  Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know….same products, same prices, same service. 
How to use Smile: Just login in by going to and choose MVBCR.  (If you already have an Amazon account, just use your login info)  Once you have selected MVBCR, you will see a notice at the top saying you are supporting us.

All proceeds go to ensure the highest quality of life possible for all birds.
1. Rescue: a. provide emergency avian care in critical situations.
b. Arrange foster care for birds in need of new home
c. Find the best permanent home for rescued birds through a structured adoption procedure.

2. Education: a. Offer information and guidance for potential new bird owners
b. Exchange knowledge and experience among current bird owners.
c. Seek to create public awareness of the beauty of all avian life. 3. Sharing: bird education and care.

Order your Pet Food at and Miami Valley Bird Club and Rescue will get a $20 donation!

Order your Pet Food at and Miami Valley Bird Club and Rescue will get a $20 donation!"


Another easy way to help us is to share information when we send it to you via email, Facebook, Pinterest, and other Social Media. We will ask for you to share when we need information publicized. This is a quick way to share information in order to help the birds!


You may also donate directly or volunteer your time and efforts here.