Exotic Bird Rescue



Exotic Bird rescue is an important topic and cause. Learn more here, and how you can help them.

Although we do not take exotic birds in unless it is an emergency, we do offer advise of all kinds that will help you.

Keep in mind that owning an exotic bird is challenging as well as rewarding!

If you are considering adopting an exotic bird, you need to know the following facts. 

Parrots are messy, noisy, demanding, and destructive.

They require a large living space, a special diet, daily entertainment, and periodic veterinary visits. 

They may bite, scream, and sometimes even develop an intense dislike for some people. 

Exotic birds have a long life expectancy. 

Some rescues come from less than ideal situations.

Some of these behaviors might not show up immediately, but might on down the road. 

If you ever need help redirecting a bird’s behavior, we are happy to help. Some birds may not change to suit your lifestyle, so please use our contact link and ask us first.

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